Welcome to Howler Photographic, a photographic service that is designed to share your stories to the world. 

Howler Photographic first came about in 2015. During Amelia Howler`s high school years she began experimenting with mountain bike photography and attended local races. In which she quickly became immersed in. 

To further her photographic learning, Amelia Howler studied a Bachelor of Creative Arts, Majoring in Photography from 2015 to 2017, graduating in 2018. This built a solid foundation of knowledge in photography.

Since University developing the Howler Photographic brand is at the forefront of Amelia`s mind. She continues to create a brand that provides you with professional images trouble-free. 


"I dare to achieve something beyond what is within my reach. It is important to me that I go out of my way to challenge my photographic abilities over and over again. Perhaps I am ridiculous to continue to invent reasons to struggle. Struggling towards goals that I want to achieve, because they are beyond my reach. But this is my profession and a life long passion. I will try and fail but try again anyway.
Trying is my obsession"

Beyond mountain bike photography, Amelia Howler is inspired by other photographic genres; She is particularly interested in portraiture and fashion photography. Having other avenues to express ideas and emotion completes Howler`s need to challenge herself.