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Hello and welcome to Howler Photographic. 


Howler Photographic is a photography service that is designed to share your stories to the world. Providing everyone with professional images, trouble free. 

The spark for Howler Photographic stared in 2015. Amelia began practicing photography when she was 17. She went to study photography at Deakin University. There she heavily explore mountain bike photography. During this time she went to Crankworx Rotorua two years in a row. The obsession for mountain bike photography never faded. She graduated University in 2018. 

Since University developing the Howler Photographic brand is at the forefront of Amelia`s mind.


"I dare to achieve something beyond what is within my reach. It is important to me that I go out of my way to challenge my photographic abilities over and over again. Perhaps I am ridiculous to continue to invent reasons to struggle. Struggling towards goals that I want to achieve, because they are beyond my reach. But this is my profession and a life long passion. I will try and fail but try again anyway. Trying is my obsession."

- Amelia Howler