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Capturing your love story

Geelong based storytelling couples photographer,
available nationwide


Because these are the moments.

In the lead-up to the wedding, it`s a mere snapshot compared to the eternal journey that lies ahead in your love story. Each instant is charged with anticipation and enchantment, a precursor to the enduring adventure of a lifetime together.

My goal is to capture you just as you are. Vibrant, genuine, brimming with emotion. I don't seek perfection; I only ask for authenticity. Engagement & Couples photography with me is an opportunity to truly embrace your connection. Whether it's wandering hand in hand, stealing glances, or sharing laughter, I invite you to be your genuine selves during this time.

Every day brings new chapters in your love story, unfolding right before your eyes, yet it often slips by unnoticed until it's a cherished memory. Don't let these moments slip away. Document them. Not just for the present but for the decades to come. Revel in the anticipation of the days leading up to your wedding, for they lay the foundation for a lifetime of shared memories.


We'll embark on a journey to picturesque locations, whether it's the beach, the woods, or the heart of nature, basking in the warm glow of sunshine. My approach to engagement shoots is gently prompted, not overly posed. I'll create a scene and let it unfold naturally, capturing the beauty in those unscripted moments.

I aim to document your love story in all its delightful chaos – the laughter, tears, and the genuine happiness that emanates from your connection. Let's embrace the essence of your relationship, capturing the unique narrative that unfolds during this special time.

Your love story will be our guide, and I'll never force staged smiles. Together, we'll pause to see the world through your eyes, savoring the small, precious moments – the sound of the ocean, the sensation of grass beneath your feet. Each engagement shoot is a beautifully unique story, as no two sessions ever feel the same.






Experience a personalized stress-free journey from consultation to capture. Collaborate on locations, styles, and themes. Relax in a comfortable, candid session, allowing genuine connections to shine. Anticipate a meticulously edited collection, reflecting your unique story. Throughout, expect attentive professionalism and a commitment to timeless memories.

2 Hours. Ample time for various poses and locations.

Any Location. Flexibility to choose a location that resonates with your story.

1.5 Hours. Travel Included - Ensuring convenience without additional charges.

100-150 High-Quality Images.

A generous number of images capturing every moment





Embrace a shorter session for a collaborative, stress-free experience. Engage in personalized planning, ensuring a relaxed 60-minute session at your chosen location. Feel at ease as genuine moments unfold, capturing the essence of your connection. Anticipate an expertly curated collection reflecting your unique story, crafted with care and professionalism.

60 Minutes. A focused session for quality shots and intimate moments.

Choice of Location. Still offering the freedom to select your perfect backdrop.

1 Hour Travel Included. Ensuring convenience without additional charges.


70-90 High-Quality Images. Highlighting the best moments beautifully.

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