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Meet Andrew Skewes. A die hard TREK fan with a unique collection of TREK road and mountain bikes.

Cycles Galleria QV is home to a one of a kind collection of vintage TREK bikes. On the shop walls you will find vintage TREK bikes from as early as 1983.


The collection belongs to a long time customer of Cycles Galleria, Andrew Skewes. Dating back to 2013, Skewes first started a relationship with Cycles Galleria with bike servicing. He then went on to purchase a Trek Madone 5.5 in 2014.


Before long QV started expertly building up every TREK vintage bike that Skewes owned. Skewes continues to collect vintage frames and brings them in to be built. Many parts of these bikes needed to be sourced. We continue to assist Skewes with finding period correct components, parts and accessories for each build.

Skewes currently has 11 complete vintage bikes, most of which are on display at Cycles Galleria QV. Awaiting builds are an additional 5 frame sets; from road bikes to mountain bikes, spanning across various vintages.

These projects are dependent on sourcing period specific components and will be completed over the coming few years. The vintage TREK collection does not stop at bikes. Skewes is also an avid collector of Trek memorabilia including jerseys, catalogues and equipment and parts. 


Together we picked five stand out builds from the collection at QV for you to read about and know a little about their story; words from Skewes:

1983 TREK 850


“This is the first mountain bike model that Trek made. It was essentially a steel road bike frame with modified geometry and built with a mix of parts including the iconic "slingshot" stem.



I acquired this as a frame only, which was spray painted purple. The build included a complete sandblasting of the frame and re-painting in the original Dupont Imron metallic black paint, which is still available.




All model specific and correct components were sourced over about 6 months and the build completed by Cycles Galleria QV.”


1983 TREK 970


“The idea for this bike was to complete a build using the lightest and fastest components from that era.


The group set is a mix of 1st and 2nd generation dura-ace black edition and Cinelli stem and bars. The drillium crankset is rare.


The frame was repainted as the original red paint was faded and chipped but the decals were masked off and clear coated to maintain their originality.


This was a top end race bike and used by continental race teams in the USA. The striking red and yellow paint scheme was different from any other Trek's.”


1985 TREK 770


“This 770 is built with Reynolds 531 Professional tubing and is outfitted with Super Record components.


Trek were using some wild colours at that time including the "Pepto Bismol" pink. It has been reported that originally the pink colour was not popular and did not sell well and Trek took back some frames to be repainted at the factory.


This bike has all original paint finishes and decals.”


1991 TREK 2500


“This carbon composite frame was Trek's first successful foray into carbon bike building. This bike has all original components, primarily dura-ace, and was purchased from the original owner. There was not much to do for this build apart from a service and tune up.” 

"For the greatest competitive edge look to the 2500. A full seven tube composite design makes the 2500 both extremely strong and incredibly light. With Shimano`s Dura Ace 8-speed SIS with Hyperglide and a minimal weight, this bicycle is an excellent sprinter and hill climber. Superior rigidity means a highly effective transfer of energy for maximum power. Finally, the shock absorption of our composite design increases comfort and reduces rider fatigue on long rides. The 2500 is a cycle that has all the characteristics of a consistent race winner" - TREK USA 1991 Catalog


1993 TREK 5200


 “This frame was bought from a Trek employee who worked in administration at the Waterloo factory.


It was given as a Xmas gift in 1993 and sat in a shed for over 20 years as the owner was not a cyclist. Finally, the owner's husband decided to sell it and I acquired it in 2020.


I wanted this bike to look slick and fast and showcase the cutting edge carbon frame that Trek was making in the early 1990's. This might be my favorite build so far.”