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So who am I?

My name is Amelia and creativity has woven itself into the fabric of my existence since I can remember. Growing up, the impulse to create, to bring something new into existence, was an intrinsic part of who I was. Introduced to the world of photography by my mother, whose film camera was a constant companion, I found a medium through which I could manifest my innate drive for creation. Moments frozen in time became my canvas, each click capturing not just an image but an essence, a story waiting to unfold.

As highschool drew to a close, my fascination with this art form grew, compelling me to pursue formal education in photography at university. Three immersive years honing my craft and delving into the intricacies of photography theory laid a robust foundation. Yet, it was beyond the academic walls where my true evolution transpired.

Immersing myself in mountain bike photography, it became my niche, a world where the thrill of freezing moments of high speed action spoke to my soul. Those years sculpted my skills forging an artistic framework that expanded beyond bikes. Over time, my journey has transformed, leading me to discover a profound affection for capturing the significance of families, weddings, and other cherished occasions.

My approach isn't just clicking the shutter button; it`s about crafting an experience. I create an environment where clients feel at ease, ensuring the process flows effortlessly, allowing authentic moments to shine. For me, photography is more than an art form; it`s a way to encapsulated the beautiful stories that unfold before me.

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I'm dedicated to capturing the authentic essence of your love story. From the unscripted moments to the candid seconds, I cherish every detail, allowing the light illuminate your stories and capturing your laughter as it paints the most radiant smile on your face.


Your celebration should revolve around you, and I'll be there to immortalize it with love, intention, and unwavering care.


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Through fewer words and more images, I endeavor to narrate the stories that unfold before my lens.

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